Wireless Drone In-Security

Author: Martin Voelk
April 6, 2015

We were recently engaged by a toy drone manufacturer to test how secure/in-secure those Wireless drones are. The results were somewhat expected as with most things in technology. Upon research we stumbled across a website from Poland which detailed the process of taking over other Wireless drones. After some more research we assembled a little test setup and tested against the manufacturer drone. The takeover took less than 5 minutes. Whilst the threats to toy drones are not really a huge risk, commercial drones delivering goods to the home are on the horizon and many new agencies report on such efforts. A customer would not be happy if the ordered goods never arrive etc.

It’s surprisingly easy on how to take control of toy drones. For those interested in learning more about the methodologies behind, here is the full How-To: http://samy.pl/skyjack/