November 30, 2014


Wireless Jammers

Author: Martin Voelk
November 27, 2014

Wireless Jammers pose a great risk to the availability of Wireless and Cellular networks. Whilst the purchase and use is banned in most western countries, a determined malicious hacker or competitor can easily order such jammers for a few hundred dollars from websites in China. Those companies in China will label the shipment as wireless access point and it will make its way through customs without problems.

As the name suggests, a Wireless Jammer is broadly jamming the wireless frequencies and dependent on the model it will jam cellular, GPS and Wifi. Some of the jammers have a great vicinity, come with battery packs or even power adapters.

Imagine a social engineer placing one of those jammers at a competitors office….

What can you do against it? Very little. Spotting a hidden jamming device requires sophisticated Layer 1 spectrum analysis tools such as “Spectrum Expert” from Cisco.