Physical Security Checklist

Author: Martin Voelk
November 30, 2014

Visible Security

  • Is the facility visible from the street during both the day and night so that roving patrols can conduct external security checks?
  • Are all entrances and exits visible from a distance and well-lit in the evening? Such visibility provides a deterrent to crime and assists employees in the event of an evacuation.
  • Are shrubs cut to mid-point of window or lower?
    Low shrubbery discourages crime and provides a safer work environment.
  • Are tree limbs cut at least six feet from ground level?
    This policy increases visibility and helps deter crime.
  • If the property incorporates fences into to its security, are they in good condition?
  • Have you installed motion-activated lights around entrances and exits?
    This type of lighting has been shown to deter criminal activity.
  • Are all pathways and parking areas well-lit?
  • Are pathways and parking lots patrolled?
  • Are pathways and parking lots equipped with emergency communication equipment that links to a centrally-monitored or police system?

Location Security

  • Are details on the business’ location listed on an outside directory?
  • Does the organization’s website provide detailed information on the building’s location?
  • Does the organization’s website provide detailed information on the location of the management team?

Lockdown Security

  • Are all doorways and exits easily accessible and clear of blockage?
  • Do all doors and windows close completely?
  • Do all doors and windows have working locks?
  • Are doors and windows alarmed and monitored?
  • Do all sliding windows have anti-slide locks?
  • Are curtains, blinds or other privacy providing covers installed on all windows?

Access Security

  • Is outgoing mail accessible only to the Postal Service or other designated carriers?
  • Are all deliveries and delivery personnel monitored when inside the facility?
  • Are all incoming deliveries inspected before being delivered to the designated recipient?
  • Are all visitors asked to sign in on any visit to the facility?
  • Are visitors assigned a temporary security badge?
  • Are employees instructed to visibly display security badges?
  • Are employees instructed to challenge anyone not wearing a security or visitors badge?
  • Can windows, heating-ventilating air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and doors be secured in the event of the release of hazardous material?