Free Secure Email Encryption

Author: Martin Voelk
January 13, 2016

We are in 2016 now and we are surprised how many businesses still send highly sensitive data over plain text email without authentication or encryption whatsoever. We are not even talking about home users, we are talking about businesses of all size! We often get engaged by our clients to perform spear phishing campaigns and the results are shocking.

Consider the following example. Company ABC uses the domain and we know that a senior director’s email is From an attackers standpoint the most logical thing is to register or any other similar available domain. Once done, ordinary employees are being told from a fake Jim Smith ( to click a link or supply information. 95% of employees will because they feel threatened by authority.

Which employee will ever check (let alone has the skills) to check the authenticity of such an email? On iPhones etc. the name , in this case Jim Smith, will show up as usual. Most companies are neither using digital email signage nor encryption which is fatal as our Pentests proof again and again.

So what can you do? Simple. Get all your employees a digital certificate. Comodo for example offers those for free even!

Why? If everyone uses certificates you can make sure the sender is the person the email claims to come from and the traffic can be encrypted to stop any Man in the Middle. It’s such an easy exercise, yet even big corporates fail to do it. Please take a few moments to think about this post and how an email certificate could make your organisation much more secure!


January 7, 2016

There are lot of “pay for email encryption” companies out there. Today we want to feature a new great and secure service from Switzerland. A lot of people mistrust governments and so this service can provide a valid alternative to privacy. We are not saying it’s 100% bullet proof but from our first tests it looks promising. They have seen such great success that you now have to go on a waiting list. But it’s worth it!