The Dangers of QR Codes

Author: Martin Voelk
April 3, 2015

If you live in the United States or in Europe you will see this very annoying trend with those QR codes. From Pizza flyers to cinema flyers. Every flyer and public Ad in the subways seems to have those QR codes on. The idea is that people scan it with their smartphones and then get redirected to a website where the advertiser will try to offer a product.

Everyone happily scans away and no one is even spending a single thought on the security aspects around those codes. What if a hacker or a malicious criminal organization prints 1000 professional looking flyers with a QR code which says: “Scan the code below and get $50 USD/EUR/GBP on your next purchase at the Apple Store”. 99.9% of all people would scan without reservation. But instead of getting their promised money, they get redirected to a drive-by maleware / adware website specifically optimised to infect their smartphones?

Our advice! DO NOT SCAN QR (Quick Response) Codes at all!!

For demonstration purposes scan our little code below. We won’t infect your device. We help people becoming more secure!