A pictures says more than…

Author: Martin Voelk
February 15, 2016

Forensics are an important part of any investigation. Law enforcement, private detectives as well as Cyber Intelligence companies make use of forensic analysis. We have assisted clients and law enforcement in many cases to track down information about fraudulent activities online. Last year we were involved in numerous investigative cases for clients, where criminals were posting pictures of stolen goods on eBay etc.

More than once we were able to retrieve GPS data from the images along with exact times when the pictures were shot, which cameras have been used, resolution types and in some cases even a digital footprint of the owner of the camera. In our Cyber Intel work we use around 10 different image research tools. Here we would like to introduce 2 of them.


We wouldn’t be in 2016, if this wouldn’t be cloud based 🙂 Just upload any image you wish to investigate or put the picture URL in. The results are as good or bad as the forensic skills of the picture publishers are. An interesting experience for everyone nonetheless.