Effective BYOD Security App

Author: Martin Voelk
April 15, 2015

Only recently Apple started cracking down on Anti Virus Apps by starting removing them from the App Store as apparently no viruses or malware exists for Apple….hust hust. (http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-antivirus-app-store-crack-down-intego-virusbarrier-2015-3).  A slight dose of arrogance must have overcome Apple by doing so. Just to clarify for everyone: We are not in the boat with any vendor and we report from a pure Security standpoint without any Bias towards or against one vendor or the other. Fact is that there are tons of viruses and malware out there specifically targeting Apple iOS. So anyone saying there are no viruses or malware on iOS is WRONG. Only recently we stumbled across interesting code snippets on the dark web to exploit iOS 8.x.

Now this is clarified we would like to show our readers a very good mobile application which enhances security a lot. The company producing this App is called zImperium. It counter-tackles ARP spoofing attempt in a Wireless Cell but also is an ideal component for any BYOD setup. It protects agains Host and Network Attacks alike and is a very robust endpoint security solution overall. Here the link: https://www.zimperium.com/zips-mobile-ips


April 1, 2015

One of the biggest challenges Penetration Testers always face is how to test out technologies, play around in sandbox environments and so forth. No professional Pentester wants to start Pentesting a real App on iTunes or Google Play and potential break something.

But there is good news! An application called the Damn Vulnerable iOS App provides Ethical Hackers with a platform to test and learn Mobile Application Penetration Testing in a safe and controller environment. A similar distribution exists for Web Application for a while already, but now Mobile Pentesters and those who want to become one have a great platform.