Free Police Classes

Author: Martin Voelk
April 13, 2015


Free monthly workshops for interested law enforcement personnel

We offer police officers and law enforcement personnel to attend our free monthly Cyber Security workshops. Technology is moving at a very fast speed and whilst law enforcement has a lot of good and skilled Cyber specialists, not every police officer has simply the time to keep up with new threats and methods Cyber criminals employ. We consider this free service as a Thank You to the police forces who look out for our safety every day.

Contents of the Free Monthly Workshops:

  • TOR / Dark Web / Deep Web Research
  • Intelligence Gathering on the clear web
  • Tracking Individuals
  • Forensic Analysis Online
  • New Attacks Methods and Trends
  • Generic Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering

To join our mailing list with the latest free workshops, please fill in the contact form below. Please note, that this free offer is for U.S. law enforcement only and we will verify any request for authenticity. We don’t deliver those workshops to overseas personnel at this stage.

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