March 20, 2015

Conducting the interview ­čÖé

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 21.30.18 Bongo the Security Journalist

IMG_1556 Max (Blackhat)

IMG_1554 Pilas (Whitehat)

Interview with Black Hat Hacker Max

Bongo (Journalist): Thanks Max and Pilas for being with me today.
Max (Blackhat): I don’t have much time
Pilas (Whitehat): Pleasure.
Bongo (Journalist): First question to Max: What does a Blackhat do?
Max (Blackhat): I hack into other peoples machines and steal their logins to Amazon, Paypal etc.
Bongo (Journalist): Isn’t this illegal?
Max (Blackhat): Yes, but I am using the TOR Network where I stealth my IP address. Also I live in Asia where law enforcement doesn’t really care.
Bongo (Journalist): Who do you attack?
Max (Blackhat): Random people and businesses around the world. We target financial information like Credit Cards, PayPal accounts etc. Some we use for shopping, some for resale.
Bongo (Journalist): How much money do you make?
Max (Blackhat): A lot.
Bongo (Journalist): How do you get the money out?
Max (Blackhat): Dark Web laundering services, Bitcoin transfers, prepaid ATM cards etc.
Bongo (Journalist): What tools do you use?
Max (Blackhat): Open Source only. Like Kali Linux, Metasploit, RAT Tools, Social Engineering Tool kit, virus and malware generators and encoders
Bongo (Journalist): Do you mean all those tools are free?
Max (Blackhat): Yes all on the Web and Youtube has the How Tos! I gotta go now, I have a Bot Net to run. Time is money….
Bongo (Journalist): Thanks for your time

Interview with White Hat Hacker Pilas

Bongo (Journalist): Now to you Pilas. You are a white hat? What does a white hat do?
Pilas (Whitehat): I work for various clients as a contractor. Both private and public sectors.
Bongo (Journalist): What do you do for them?
Pilas (Whitehat): I perform Penetration Tests with the authorization of them.
Bongo (Journalist): What does that mean?
Pilas (Whitehat): I hack their networks with the same tools a Blackhat would, but I do it with the authorization of the client to strengthen security, provide reporting and mitigation.
Bongo (Journalist): So you are a good hacker?
Pilas (Whitehat): Yes. I am helping to secure networks by understanding a hacker’s tools and methods. I am a certified ethical hacker.
Bongo (Journalist): Interesting. Who are your clients?
Pilas (Whitehat): Banks, Government, Insurance companies, Utilities. Across the board.
Bongo (Journalist): What tools do you use and does it pay well?
Pilas (Whitehat): The same tools Max the blackhat does. Yes it pays very well. We are a well sought group within the IT Industry
Bongo (Journalist): Have you ever abused your knowledge?
Pilas (Whitehat): No. I am a whitehat. Grey hats would sometimes.
Bongo (Journalist): Last question. Should every company get a Pentest?
Pilas (Whitehat): Guys like Max don’t care whether they hack a private individual or a large corporation. The threat is real and everyone should consider having their IT tested.
Bongo (Journalist): Thanks for your time.