December 17, 2014

Surely most of our readers have heard and even regularly use Wikipedia. A fantastic library at your fingertips. Sometimes you may even find some semi-legal information on Wikipedia, but all in all it’s a great library.

Probably few people have heard of something called the “Hidden Wiki”. Well, it has nothing to do with the original Wikipedia and even though it very much looks alike the real Wikipedia from a design perspective, it’s very different.

The Hidden Wiki is not accessible through the “normal” Internet. It resides on various .onion domains which are only accessible through a special proxy chain VPN network called TOR. The Hidden Wiki is a repository of the criminal underworld. You will find anything from financial fraud to hacking, copyright infringement, drugs, illegal materials and so on. A Wikipedia for criminals. Often the leaks from the celebrity hacks etc. end up somewhere on the hidden Wiki.

Now the hidden Wiki is often changing it’s URL. As of December 16th 2014 the current URL is: http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

A word of caution. If you ever go onto the deep web (TOR), run it from a sandbox only. i.e. install a Linux or Windows distribution in VMware and only use it to surf the deep web. There are a lot of dangers on the deep web incl. malware surf-by websites and the likes.

It’s an interesting world in there. The origins of the TOR network were not malicious at all. It was created to allow journalists in restricted countries to access resources which were filtered. These days a lot of people in Germany use it, because Youtube music is not readily available to the folks over there due to some laws. We in the US enjoy the freedom of entering an artist and song into Youtube and listen to the song. People in Germany get: “Sorry due to XYZ the title is not available in your country”. If you use TOR you will use an IP address from a different Geography and likely overcome those restrictions.

Unfortunately TOR is also being used by criminals to disguise their real identity (IP) rather effectively.

As with every aspect in life, there are always good and bad to anything.