UK police hires Ex-Hacker

Author: Martin Voelk
January 11, 2016

Law enforcement often is hiring Top nodge Ex-Hackers to provide their services for them. Everyone knows about the famous Kevin Mitnick who once was the most wanted by the FBI. These days Mr. Mitnick runs his own business helping others to stay safe from Cyber Crime.

More recently something similar happened in the UK. Tony Sales was one of the biggest online fraudsters in the UK and has recently been hired by West Midlands police in the UK. 



Awesome Hacking Demonstration

Author: Martin Voelk
April 7, 2015

We have been in the industry for a long time……..
<sarcasm> This video is still amazing. We have all learnt a lot from this bright young guy. If all hackers would have his skill set – the world would be doomed </sarcasm>

Please don’t take it too seriously and don’t abuse the knowledge 🙂



March 20, 2015

Conducting the interview 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 21.30.18 Bongo the Security Journalist

IMG_1556 Max (Blackhat)

IMG_1554 Pilas (Whitehat)

Interview with Black Hat Hacker Max

Bongo (Journalist): Thanks Max and Pilas for being with me today.
Max (Blackhat): I don’t have much time
Pilas (Whitehat): Pleasure.
Bongo (Journalist): First question to Max: What does a Blackhat do?
Max (Blackhat): I hack into other peoples machines and steal their logins to Amazon, Paypal etc.
Bongo (Journalist): Isn’t this illegal?
Max (Blackhat): Yes, but I am using the TOR Network where I stealth my IP address. Also I live in Asia where law enforcement doesn’t really care.
Bongo (Journalist): Who do you attack?
Max (Blackhat): Random people and businesses around the world. We target financial information like Credit Cards, PayPal accounts etc. Some we use for shopping, some for resale.
Bongo (Journalist): How much money do you make?
Max (Blackhat): A lot.
Bongo (Journalist): How do you get the money out?
Max (Blackhat): Dark Web laundering services, Bitcoin transfers, prepaid ATM cards etc.
Bongo (Journalist): What tools do you use?
Max (Blackhat): Open Source only. Like Kali Linux, Metasploit, RAT Tools, Social Engineering Tool kit, virus and malware generators and encoders
Bongo (Journalist): Do you mean all those tools are free?
Max (Blackhat): Yes all on the Web and Youtube has the How Tos! I gotta go now, I have a Bot Net to run. Time is money….
Bongo (Journalist): Thanks for your time

Interview with White Hat Hacker Pilas

Bongo (Journalist): Now to you Pilas. You are a white hat? What does a white hat do?
Pilas (Whitehat): I work for various clients as a contractor. Both private and public sectors.
Bongo (Journalist): What do you do for them?
Pilas (Whitehat): I perform Penetration Tests with the authorization of them.
Bongo (Journalist): What does that mean?
Pilas (Whitehat): I hack their networks with the same tools a Blackhat would, but I do it with the authorization of the client to strengthen security, provide reporting and mitigation.
Bongo (Journalist): So you are a good hacker?
Pilas (Whitehat): Yes. I am helping to secure networks by understanding a hacker’s tools and methods. I am a certified ethical hacker.
Bongo (Journalist): Interesting. Who are your clients?
Pilas (Whitehat): Banks, Government, Insurance companies, Utilities. Across the board.
Bongo (Journalist): What tools do you use and does it pay well?
Pilas (Whitehat): The same tools Max the blackhat does. Yes it pays very well. We are a well sought group within the IT Industry
Bongo (Journalist): Have you ever abused your knowledge?
Pilas (Whitehat): No. I am a whitehat. Grey hats would sometimes.
Bongo (Journalist): Last question. Should every company get a Pentest?
Pilas (Whitehat): Guys like Max don’t care whether they hack a private individual or a large corporation. The threat is real and everyone should consider having their IT tested.
Bongo (Journalist): Thanks for your time.