Google Dorks for Data Mining

Author: Martin Voelk
March 1, 2017

Who doesn’t know the problem. You have a basic LinkedIn account and you want to do business development. Your searches are limited to X numbers, you don’t get the full search interface like Premium users and all that annoying stuff.

To the rescue once again comes Google and shell scripting. Google indexes like no other search engine.

Simple Google searches reveal the prospects you are looking for: intext:”IT Manager” AND “Singapore” -jobs intext:”IT Director” AND “Singapore” -jobs intext:”CISO” AND “Singapore” -jobs intext:”IT Manager” AND “Singapore” -jobs “Healthcare” intext:”IT Manager” AND “Singapore” -jobs “Banking” intext:”IT Manager” AND “Singapore” -jobs “Finance” intext:”IT Manager” AND “Singapore” -jobs “Retail” intext:”IT Manager” AND “Singapore” -jobs “Utilities”

Job titles can be changed, so can be countries and industries.

Now for everyone with a bit of shell / python experience, these dorks can be fully automated and will then report into an Excel sheet in minutes. Business development with Google 🙂


November 30, 2014