OSINT Facebook Intelligence Tool

Author: Martin Voelk
January 14, 2016

Following up from our post the other day, today we want to introduce a little free Cyber Intelligence Tool around Facebook. The tool and the search combinations make it a very powerful asset for background investigations (pre-job screening) or ongoing investigations on a commercial and law enforcement basis alike. Despite Facebook’s privacy efforts a lot of information is publicly available about individuals even though you are not connected or friends with them.

How is this useful?

Use cases:

  • Would you employ individuals who are liking radical terrorist organisations?
  • Would you as a business like to know if some of your employees like certain terrorist organisations?
  • Would you like to know if an employee is attending certain events?
  • Of course Facebook information is also vital to marketeers? Like where are people who like our products etc.

Check it out for yourself. Facebook has become an integral part of investigative work and whilst this tool only scratches the surface of possibilities, it should give individuals a feel for what commercial tools / law enforcement tools are capable of 😉