Exploit Databases

Author: Martin Voelk
November 27, 2014

What are exploits? Exploits are software snippets which have been written by Security Professionals or Hackers in order to exploit a vulnerability or flaw in a software or service. Exploits will alter the program flow and typically execute third party code on the victim machine. The sole purpose of exploitation is to alter the intended functions of a system or service in order to gain access to the target system.

There are hundreds of exploits available on public websites.

The 2 main publicly available ones are:

  • securityfocus.com
  • exploit-db.com

There are also a number of websites and individuals who trade so-called ZERO-DAY exploits. Those exploits are exploits, where the vendors don’t have provided a bug fix or update yet, because those exploits haven’t been made known to the public. Dependent on gravity of the exploit, they are trade legally and illegally for tens of thousands of dollars. One of those providers is

  • vupen.com