April 20, 2015

What is a 0 day exploit? It’s basically an exploit to break into an IT system like any other exploit. The important difference is that those 0 day exploits have not yet been discovered by the vendors (like Microsoft, Apple) or they are know but no patches to fix the flaws are yet available.

For a long time there has been an underground market where security researchers sell exploit to cash rich individuals and governments. Even on the clear web there are numerous companies offering those services.┬áRecently a new 0 day exploit platform has emerged on the Dark Web. Security Analysts however are not in the clear yet on whether it’s genuine exploits being sold there or whether it’s a scam rip off.

The only way to find this out really, would be to buy an exploit. Serious vulnerability zero day exploits are usually traded for sums in the hundreds of thousands, so it’s surprising that an exploit for iTunes is offered a lot cheaper. It may be a scam, but who knows!