Author: Martin Voelk
November 27, 2014

We provide world-class professional services with extensive expertise in any kind of IT security audit. Business network infrastructure is rapidly changing with new servers, services, ports and connections on a continual and sometimes daily frequency. With the growing number of vulnerabilities and exploits associated with the continual evolution of IT infrastructures, organizations now require more frequent Penetration Tests. These assessments must naturally be performed with the latest of vulnerability knowledge and expertise.

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or sometimes referred to as “Ethical Hacking” is a security testing service that focuses on locating flaws in your networks, infrastructure and overall architecture (i.e. Servers and other Networking components). Tests involve active exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Web Application Penetration Testing

More than 70% of all technical attacks are aimed at the Application layer. This service examines your web applications from a coding and implementation flaw perspective, but also looks at other issues like SQL injection and cross-site-scripting, involving active exploitation of vulnerabilities.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless Penetration Testing covers all dangers posed by Wireless Networks. The audits contain attempts to crack Wifi passwords, include the set up of rogue access points, a variety of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and Denial of Service Testing.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing covers all threat vectors concerning Mobile Apps. The audits contain Application Runtime Analysis, Traffic & Encryption flaws, Insecure Storage, Code Signing, Memory Protections, Fuzzing and Exploitation.

Social Engineering Testing

Often the latest perimeter defences may be in place, yet the security gets breached. Why? Because an employee put a USB stick in, brought their own infected device into the network, clicked on a malicious PDF or simple visited a malware website. Could your staff be tricked?

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments are a cost effective alternative to Penetration Tests. The only difference is that we are not going to actively exploit encountered vulnerabilities. We offer Network, Web Application, Cloud and SDLC Vulnerability Testing.

PCI Scanning

We assist you in PCI Audit preparations by scanning your components according to the PCI framework and provides detailed PCI-DSS Pass or Fail information in a comprehensive report.

Credit Card Scanning

In this assessment, we scan your machines for unprotected (clear text) credit card information held in files and folders.

BYOD Mobile Scanning

We perform vulnerability, PCI and credit card scans on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Cyber Intelligence

Did you hear about the dark web? This is where are lot of the illegal hacking activity goes on. Has confidential data leaked out already? Are hackers planning to attack your business? Have you unintentionally shared too much information with Google? We provide you high class reports around threats to your business.