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January 4, 2017

Happy New Year to everyone.
We have a first come – first serve free offer for our readers in January 2017.

10 x Free Cyber Intel Reports



February 6, 2016

It’s the time of the year again. Cyber 51 LLC is giving away a free external Network Penetration Test against 1 IP address. The winner receives a complete free Pentest without any obligations.

How it works?

  • Use the contact form and launch a request stating 2016 Pentest Raffle
  • Your details will be entered into our database
  • On March 31st 2016 a script will randomly draw the lucky winner

Eligibility Criteria

  • Raffle needs to be entered by a US company (valid email address from a corporate domain)
  • Unfortunately the raffle can not be entered by individuals or non-US companies
  • Only participants who are not yet customers or have already received a free service in the past can participate in the draw
  • The winner can choose which system they want audited and when it will take place
  • The winner will receive a full executive summary and in-depth technical report (same as for the paid service)

Free Police Classes

Author: Martin Voelk
April 13, 2015


Free monthly workshops for interested law enforcement personnel

We offer police officers and law enforcement personnel to attend our free monthly Cyber Security workshops. Technology is moving at a very fast speed and whilst law enforcement has a lot of good and skilled Cyber specialists, not every police officer has simply the time to keep up with new threats and methods Cyber criminals employ. We consider this free service as a Thank You to the police forces who look out for our safety every day.

Contents of the Free Monthly Workshops:

  • TOR / Dark Web / Deep Web Research
  • Intelligence Gathering on the clear web
  • Tracking Individuals
  • Forensic Analysis Online
  • New Attacks Methods and Trends
  • Generic Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering

To join our mailing list with the latest free workshops, please fill in the contact form below. Please note, that this free offer is for U.S. law enforcement only and we will verify any request for authenticity. We don’t deliver those workshops to overseas personnel at this stage.

Free Cyber Security Training Contact Form

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Additional comments:

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Free Cyber Intelligence Report

Author: Martin Voelk
March 29, 2015

In April 2015 we have another free offer for interested U.S. businesses and U.S. government bodies.

We are giving away 10 basic Cyber Intelligence reports for interested businesses. The reports we create contain basic potential threat information which is of a concern to the client. The open source intelligence report contains:

  • Leaked information which is accessible online
  • Negative mentions of the business on Social Media
  • Misconfigured Internet facing resources which reveal sensitive information
  • Purposely leaked information on Paste Bins etc.

Please note:

Only open source and publicly available resources will be used to obtain information
The service is for businesses or government entities within the U.S. only (sorry no individuals or foreign businesses)
From April 1st we start taking enquiries around this free offer (Strictly first come, first serve)


Decrypt the Passwords Challenge

Author: Martin Voelk
March 18, 2015

Today we have a little crypto challenge.

Challenge 1 (Price: Enter the draw for a free 1 hour consulting session with a senior consultant)


Challenge 2: (Price: Enter the draw for a free 1 hour consulting session with a senior consultant)


Send your answers through our contact form to enter the draw:


March 13, 2015

Sorry for the slight delay between the last post 🙂 Only around 3 months. We have been busy Pentesting but hope to be able to maintain our blog on a more regular basis.

Our company Cyber 51 LLC offers U.S. based companies and U.S. government institutions a free external Vulnerability Assessment.

This assessment comes with a basic executive summary threat exposure report. Many clients still think they may be secure if they make use of a Perimeter firewall…Unfortunately truth is often very different.

If you are interested in a completely free IT Vulnerability Assessment on up to 6 internet facing systems, please visit:
Please note: We limit the free Assessments to 10 per calendar month, so it’s on a first come – first serve basis.


November 30, 2014

From December 2014 on, we will conduct 1 – 2 free Webinars per month. We will cap WebEx attendance to 50 delegates, so it’s first come first serve basis. Topics will include a broad spectrum around various aspects of IT Security.

In addition we will give away 1 free Consulting hour per month with one of our senior security experts to one of the Webinar attendees. The draw will be through a randomised computer program and the monthly winner will be notified by email at the month end.

Stay tuned for updates.