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March 31, 2015

How do I find out a lot of information about an individual or a business? This is often the question for Penetration Testers when they perform a black box Penetration Testing where nothing but the corporate name or domain is given to start the assignment.

As described in previous articles, there are a wealth of tools and methods available for passive information gathering. However, a Pentester will soon find that a lot of methodologies are time consuming, which becomes an issue when offering a commercial service.

Luckily enough there is a tool which can automate your searches and present the output in a great graphical and text output for further processing. The tool is called Maltego and comes from the folks at Paterva. Whilst the free community version has some limitations in terms of depth, the full version should be part of the arsenal of every Penetration Tester or Online Investigator.

A lot of documentation and free training videos are available which allows for a quick start.


Jasmine the IT Kid

Author: Martin Voelk
March 30, 2015

This video is a few years old, but still great if you haven’t seen it. A 6 year old kid is configuring IT equipment like a real pro!!
Enjoy 🙂


Free Cyber Intelligence Report

Author: Martin Voelk
March 29, 2015

In April 2015 we have another free offer for interested U.S. businesses and U.S. government bodies.

We are giving away 10 basic Cyber Intelligence reports for interested businesses. The reports we create contain basic potential threat information which is of a concern to the client. The open source intelligence report contains:

  • Leaked information which is accessible online
  • Negative mentions of the business on Social Media
  • Misconfigured Internet facing resources which reveal sensitive information
  • Purposely leaked information on Paste Bins etc.

Please note:

Only open source and publicly available resources will be used to obtain information
The service is for businesses or government entities within the U.S. only (sorry no individuals or foreign businesses)
From April 1st we start taking enquiries around this free offer (Strictly first come, first serve)


March 29, 2015

Although already a few months old, this little video from the folks at Offensive Security shows that often a system designed to protect the endpoints (like in this case a Symantec solution) becomes the actual entry point for a breach. We had similar experiences with other vendor security solutions.

This highlights the need of proper Penetration Testing rather than just Vulnerability Scanning. A vulnerability scanner only detects vulnerabilities already known, but can’t detect any not-known flaws. This is where the human Pentester thinking out of the box comes in.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Privilege Escalation 0day from Offensive Security on Vimeo.


Cyber Crime Report Verizon

Author: Martin Voelk
March 27, 2015

Cyber crime is and should concern anyone in Cyber Space. There is a common misconception amongst users and businesses alike. Why should I become a Cyber Crime victim? Well, because the attackers don’t care whether it’s a small business, an individual or a fortune 500 company. A lot of guys do it for fun, others have causes which may be related to profit, for a political cause or simple to test their abilities.

Verizon publishes a free Cyber Crime report every year which we are more than happy to share. Although it’s very comprehensive, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The real figures of incidents are probably exponentially higher. A good read nonetheless.



HIPAA Requirements (At-A-Glance)

Author: Martin Voelk
March 26, 2015


the ability to read, write, modify, or communicate data/information or otherwise use any system resource (computer, servers, fax machine, etc.).

Administrative safeguards:

actions, and policies and procedures, to manage protected health information and to manage the conduct of the covered entity’s workforce in relation to the protection of that information.


ensuring that a person is who they say the are.

Business Associate:

a person or entity who (1) on behalf of a covered entity performs or assists in a function or activity involving the Use or Disclosure of Individually Identifiable Health Information, including claims processing or administration; data analysis, processing or administration; utilization review; quality assurance; billing; benefit management; practice management; repricing; and other functions and activities; or (2) provides legal, actuarial, accounting, consulting, Data Aggregation, management, administrative, accreditation or financial services that involves the disclosure of Individually Identifiable Health Information.

Business Unit

means one or more Workforce members who are subject to the HIPAA regulations and who are engaged in providing a specific product or service that involves Protected Health Information on behalf of the Covered Entity.


means the property that data or information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized persons or processes.

Covered Entity

means entities to which the HIPAA rules apply and includes Health Plans, Health Care Clearinghouses and Health Care Providers who transmit any health information in electronic form in connection with a Transaction covered by HIPAA laws and regulations.

De-identified Health Information

means health information that is not individually identifiable health information. The following identifiers of the individual, relatives, employers or household members of the individual must be removed for data to be De-Identified:

(1) Name;
(2) Street address, city, county, precinct, zip code and equivalent geocodes;
(3) All elements of dates (except year) for dates directly related to an individual and all ages over 89;
(4) Telephone number;
(5) Fax number;
(6) Electronic mail address;
(7) Social Security Number;
(8) Medical record numbers;
(9) Health plan ID numbers;
(10) Account numbers
(11) Certificate/license numbers;
(12) Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers, including license plate numbers;
(13) Device identifiers and serial numbers
(14) Web addresses (URLs);
(15) Internet IP addresses;
(16) Biometric identifiers, including finger and voice prints;
(17) Full face photographic images and any comparable images; and (18) Any other unique identifying number, characteristic or code.


the release, transfer, provision of access to, or divulging in any other manner of information outside the entity holding the information.

Electronic media means:

( 1) Electronic storage media including memory devices in computers (hard drives) and any removable/transportable digital memory medium, such as magnetic tape or disk, optical disk, or digital memory card, thumb drive; or

(2) Transmission media used to exchange information already in electronic storage media. Transmission media include, for example, the internet (wide-open), extranet (using internet technology to link a business with information accessible only to collaborating parties), leased lines, dial-up lines, private networks, and the physical movement of removable/transportable electronic storage media.

Certain transmission, including of paper, via facsimile, and of voice, via telephone, are not considered to be transmissions via electronic media, because the information being exchanged did not exist in electronic form before the transmission.

Electronic protected health information:

individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained in electronic media.


the use of an algorithmic process to transform data into a form in which there is a low probability of assigning meaning without use of a confidential process or key.


the physical premises and the interior and exterior of a building(s).

Individually Identifiable Health Information

is information that is a subset of health information, including demographic information collected from an individual, and:

(I) Is created or received by a Health Care Provider, Health Plan, employer, or Health Care Clearinghouse; and
(2) Relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of an Individual; the provision of Health Care to an Individual; or the past, present, or future payment for the provision of Health Care to an Individual; and
(A) Identifies the Individual; or
(B) reasonably could be used to identify the Individual.

Information system

means an interconnected set of information resources under the same direct management control that shares common functionality. A system normally includes hardware, software, information, data, applications, communications, and people.

Physical safeguards

are physical measures, policies, and procedures to protect a covered entity’s electronic information systems and related buildings and equipment, from natural and environmental hazards, and unauthorized intrusion(i.e. Keypad door entry).

Protected Health Information

means Individually Identifiable Health Information that is transmitted by electronic media; maintained in any electronic media; or transmitted or maintained in any other form or medium. Protected health information excludes Individually Identifiable Health Information in education records covered by the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act.

Security or Security measures

encompasses all of the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards in an information system.

Security incident:

the attempted or successful unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or destruction of information or interference with system operations in an information system.

Technical safeguards:

the technology and the policy and procedures for its use that protect electronic protected health information and control access to it.


means the transmission of information between two parties to carry out financial or administrative activities related to Health Care. It includes the following types of information transmissions:

(1) Health care claims or equivalent encounter information (2) Health care payment and remittance advice
(3) Coordination of benefits
(4) Health Care claim status

(5) Enrollment and disenrollment in a Health Plan (6) Eligibility for a Health Plan
(7) Health Plan premium payments
(8) Referral certification and authorization

(9) First report of injury
(10) Health claims attachments
(11) Other transactions that the Secretary may prescribe by regulation


means employees, volunteers, trainees, and other persons whose conduct, in the performance of work for your practice, is under the direct control of you whether or not they are paid by you.


means an electronic computing device, for example, a laptop or desktop computer, thin client, or any other device that performs similar functions, and electronic media stored in its immediate environment.


March 25, 2015

We get engaged quite a lot around online investigations, cyber intelligence gathering and tasks like this. We work with law enforcement on a regular basis to help investigate in Cyber Space. It’s very exciting work to analyse origins, emails, monitoring twitter, Facebook and other social media. However, someone can get easily overwhelmed with the volume of tools out there and simple finding the right tools and methods to start.

For that reason we have compiled a little cheat sheet to help future online detectives to get started 🙂



March 25, 2015

Bluetooth is part of many aspects of our lives. From garage openers to headsets, speakers to gaming consoles. A lot of Wireless communication is via Bluetooth. Now a lot of the modern smart phones implement Bluetooth security. However what about all those 3rd. party vendors who just want to push their products to market, neglecting heavy security? And what about older phone models. By far not everyone has an iPhone, Samsung or Android.

In fact a lot of people and businesses have older phones like Nokia, Motorola etc. Those ones can be quite small in size and are the preferred choice for on-call people, work phones for guards on premises etc.

A lot of the Bluetooth devices lack on security and they can be infiltrated in a matter of seconds. From reading out confidential information, address books or even placing rogue phone calls. A lot of damage can be done here.

We can only advice to turn Bluetooth off whenever it’s not in use. Unfortunately we find in our Pentests that a lot of people leave it on all the time. Not only does it drain the battery, but it also allows someone in the proximity to silently hack in. With the introduction of Ubertooth One (a USB monitoring device for an affordable $100 USD) things haven’t gone better.

This video we have found on Youtube, demonstrates how easy BT can be compromised:


March 24, 2015

We are very sad to hear about today’s events of the plane crash of Germanwings’ flight from Barcelona to Duesseldorf. May all victims rest in peace and may the relatives and loved ones have a lot of strength and support in this unbelievable tragedy.


Amazing Hacking App

Author: Martin Voelk
March 24, 2015

Enjoy 🙂